Great reviews:
"A terrifying look inside the psychopathic, technocrat mindset"
"What the psychopaths running the world plan next"

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That Novax Jokovich saga was entertaining. Probably not over yet.

Ministry of truth blames the rise in autoimmune diseases on fast food. But of course, what else it could be? The other option is climate change.

They know what they have done, the damage they caused, and they love it. We know that and they know we know that and it gives them even more joy.

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Regardless of what you think of Trump, it can't be denied that he caused the cockroaches come out of their holes and show us what they are - a bunch of douchebags. So too he caused the mass media to go full gas with their propaganda machinery and we now know that nothing that comes out of their mouths can be trusted. So is this covid hysteria - we now know we're ruled by psychopaths who'll stop at nothing, including mass murder, to keep themselves in power.

Please welcome @viha from the snowy Canada to The Remnant

@liberabit I think this thing works like twitter, ie if we reply to a post, it creates a thread.

@liberabit A big topic requiring going to back basics and start from some fundamentals.

@liberabit This concept is totally foreign to the Hebrew Bible (yet another topic to discuss f2f). In Hebrew, the word satan means accuser. An account of this guy in Job always troubled me ie what this guy was doing in what appeared to be some kind of high council of God and his angels? If he is what the Jews believe he is - an angel with prosecutorial job, which is what he does in the book of Job, then all that spiritual strugle between God and Satan falls apart. Again this is another big topic

@liberabit Now the Satan. Again, these are good points and strengthen the fallen angels interpretation, however, this assumes a Christian notion of Satan - an arch enemy of God going around wrecking havoc on the face of the earth.

@liberabit At any rate, I'll cover a couple of points. Yes, of course there's a contrast between ben elohim and the daughters of men but how else would you say it if you want to highlight a particular class of men (men of power) vs the others? ben elohim achieves exactly that - it tells us what they were in concise language without wasting time on descriptions.

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