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Wow. This is criminal. Trudeau needs to be arrested. Every Canadian needs to be out in force. They are attempting to literally deprive you of any future for voicing political dissent. They want to make you less than human, an untouchable. Burn it all down.

Honduras has put in serious work over the past few years to allow semi-autonomous zones to begin operating within their borders. Similar to free private cities, they're permitting private entities to essentially build minarchist city states.

Prospera ( are doing just this. They've facilitating cheap eresidency, robust corporate frameworks and minimal tax. If you've been sleeping on this like me, you should seriously check it out.

Let the jurisdictional arbitrage begin!

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Free private cities: special economic zones on steroids 🏙

Would love to see this concept develop and get involved with projects in Asia-Pacific.

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When you consider that the measurement of our time, energy and worth in modern society all culminates in fiat money, the situation we find ourselves in today is unsurprising.

When the units representing your output as a human being are constantly debased and can quite literally be printed out of thin air by a select few, a flawed, shallow society is the logical result.

This is why "fix the money, fix the world" is not just hyperbole. It is a fundamental truth.

fixes this.

@bjorn A true anarchist. No rulers - including the tyranny of the enter key!

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@weex We're one of those Ecko servers - just wanted to say a big thanks for what you & the other contributors are doing 🙏

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According to Fediverse Observer, the fedi just passed 4.5m users on nearly 15k servers, who've sent more than 500m messages.

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It is the fundamental duty of the citizen to resist and to restrain the violence of the state.
-- Noam Chomsky

#anarchism #quote #bot

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Our struggle is against the rulers (Central Banks), the powers (IMF), the world forces of this darkness (World Bank) and the spiritual forces of wickedness (WEF

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BREAKING ⚡ #Bitcoin app Strike #1 in Argentina's app store just one week after launch ⚡

@chillanarchist01 This was a banger. Thank you for introducing me to a new genre!

The people that are demanding/mandating an experimental vaccine for your 'health' are the same people that brought you this 'healthy' food pyramid.

Choose accordingly.

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