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The solution to most of the madness we're witnessing is simply to leave the cities and live in regional areas.

Of course, this assumes that land rights will remain the same.

The idea of land redistribution seemed completely outlandish a few years ago. Now I'm not so sure....

Statism is a religion, and taxation is its (enforced) tithing regime.

Just look at how determined statists are to implement new 'wealth' taxes. They can't stand the idea that the 'wealthy' aren't sacrificing enough at the alter of their god.

@bjorn Yes but it's the trolley I support! Anything bad is all the other trolley's fault!

Anonymously purchasing supermarket gift cards using your self-hosted Lightning node through seconds. It is getting easier and easier to .

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Non-perishables gonna outstrip at this rate

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This is why it is more important than ever to decentralise our content. In times of censorship, truth spreads through the alleyways, the backdoors, the posters nailed to the walls under cover of darkness.

In today's world, that means decentralised mediums. Mastodon. Matrix. Podcasting 2.0. Self-hosted platforms where you control the data.

What cannot be controlled cannot be destroyed.

Our peaceful revolution starts with opting out of the cage we have built for the written and spoken word.

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"Where they burn books, at the end they also burn people."

We are witnessing a modern version of book burning today. Through censorship, de-platforming and bans, published works are being increasingly erased by the mediums they exist in for 'unacceptable' views.

The form may have changed, but the substance has not. In a society that has become fixated on particular beliefs and ideas, divergent views are dangerous. Eventually, they become heretical.

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RT @nunchuk_io
Yesterday, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice sent us a Mareva Injunction, ordering us to freeze and disclose information about the assets involved in the #FreedomConvoy2022 movement.

Here is our official response.

The 'privilege' of holding a bank account and retaining access to the fruits of your labour is rapidly becoming contingent on the 'correctness' of your political views.

fixes this.

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