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Anonymously purchasing supermarket gift cards using your self-hosted Lightning node through seconds. It is getting easier and easier to .

The 'privilege' of holding a bank account and retaining access to the fruits of your labour is rapidly becoming contingent on the 'correctness' of your political views.

fixes this.

When you consider that the measurement of our time, energy and worth in modern society all culminates in fiat money, the situation we find ourselves in today is unsurprising.

When the units representing your output as a human being are constantly debased and can quite literally be printed out of thin air by a select few, a flawed, shallow society is the logical result.

This is why "fix the money, fix the world" is not just hyperbole. It is a fundamental truth.

fixes this.

Buying Bitcoin seems simple, but once you start truly hodling it (self custody), your life begins to change in some big ways.

All of a sudden you're making longer-term decisions. You're thinking in terms of years and decades, not next week. You're cleaning up your habits, your diet, your many vices. It's like your brain is rewiring itself.

Decades from now, history books will showcase how fiat money infected every part of life and we didn't even realise.

fixes this.

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