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Stack sats like your social credit score depends on it.

Hopium levels haven't been this high since the second impeachment

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Statism is a religion, and taxation is its (enforced) tithing regime.

Just look at how determined statists are to implement new 'wealth' taxes. They can't stand the idea that the 'wealthy' aren't sacrificing enough at the alter of their god.

We need a difficulty adjustment for the state

I'm genuinely starting to doubt there'll be a future for the Ukrainian state.


* 600k Ukrainians vs 200k Russians
* Russian industry churning out missiles at pace
* US annual artillery production would last for 2 weeks in Ukraine
* in 3 months of combat, Russia has burned through 4x US annual missile production
* In recent war game, UK exhausted national stockpiles of critical ammunition after 8 days

Legacy banking sucks.

Transactions don't work today, so I guess I've just got to go f*** myself.

Bitcoin fixes this

"Neutral" state propagandists are the most insidious of all.

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So NATO train the Ukrainians for 8 years

Arm them to the teeth

Spend months setting up defences

Encourage war

Seize Russian assets

Foil negotiations

Provide real-time intel + command support

And they still lost

Putting the Ukrainians in a worse position than when they started.

Now they've given the Russian military experience against an actual army backed by the west.


This could have all been avoided.

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Epidemic of the economically-illiterate

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