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Stack sats like your social credit score depends on it.

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@bjorn conclusive proof that markets are not rational.

They are probably the same people that buy brussel sprouts for 'food'.


Economics is disturbing.

The supermarket sells seeded grapes.

Which means people buy seeded grapes.

I want to know:
1) who are these people
2) what's wrong with them

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Distilling process typically takes ~10 years for good single malt.

Quality is promoted over quantity.

The longer you leave whisky in barrels, the better it gets.

Whisky is the ultimate low time preference beverage.

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"But the Lord said, "Hey Noah, be cool

Just keep building that boat

It's just a matter of time till they see who's gonna float"

— Keith Green, He'll Take Care of the Rest

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SBF is being spared the sword so he can be trotted out and push for more regulation and control.

Almost guarantee he's made an arrangement to this effect with regulators & bureaucrats behind the scenes.

Keeps the politicians out of trouble and allows them to become heroes by introducing more legislation and regulatory moats.

He is a puppet.

"I did not know that there was any inappropriate use of customer funds"


"Teach a man to fish and he steals your business"

- David So

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Everyone I know this is super controversial but have you tried voting yet? It just seems that in my thirty eight years on this plane of existence things just always improved every year that I have voted. /S

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